FBI Says Bubba Wallace Was Not Target of Hate Crime

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, June 23, 2020) – The FBI has released new details in its investigation of that noose found Sunday in the garage stall of NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace.  Investigators say the noose had been there for months long before Wallace was assigned to the area.  That’s according to a statement released by the FBI.

“The investigation revealed evidence, including authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the noose found in garage number 4 was in that garage as early as October 2019.  Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.”

The 26-year-old Wallace is NASCAR’s only African-American driver and has been a vocal voice to ban the Confederate flag at NASCAR races.  The move had angered some fans.

It was thought the noose was targeted at Wallace.  NASCAR drivers and crew rallied around Wallace as a show of support.