Firefighter Killed, 9 Hurt In Home Explosion

(Friday, February 16, 2024) – A home explosion in Sterling, Virginia has left a path of death and destruction in the 300 block of Silver Ridge Drive. The blast has left one firefighter dead, 9 others hurt and two civilians were also taken to the hospital.

Neighbors in the area say the smell of gas was wreaking in the area and numerous reports indicate that’s what brought fighters to the home. Fire officials say while inside conducting their investigation, the home exploded and numerous firefighters sent out “mayday calls.”

Loudoun County Assistant Fire Chief James Williams says it’s the worst possible things to happen. “The injured fighters’ conditions range from severe to less serious.

The explosion completely leveled the home with debris strewn all across the area. Several neighbors said there homes were also damaged by the blast.

The cause of the fire and explosion as under investigation.