HIV Play “Night Over America”

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Gilead Sciences, Inc have partnered together by taking their message to the theatres. They have started an initiative called HIV Is Not A Crime. HIV Is Not A Crime, ETAF is fighting to modernize HIV laws, so that people living with HIV can no longer be charged and branded as criminals because of their status. Last week, the organization presented a production at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company-DC called Night Over America. Night Over America is a short play that describes the impact of HIV stigma and criminalization in the modern age. The production also appeared in New York City this month.

After the insightful play, a talk back discussion was presented to the audience were everyone learned about the panelists, production and the initiative. Our very own Candice Adkins-Wilson moderated the panel. The panel will include Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy Harold Phillips, representative of the Health Not Prisons Collective Robert Suttle, Director of Night Over America Robert Eagan, and Senator of Nevada’s 11th District Senator Dallas Harris.