Howard University Congratulates Kamala Harris

HU President says he’s proud to call Howard University alumna Kamala Harris a member of the HU Family

#BREAKING – Congratulations are pouring in for Senator Kamala Harris as she makes history today joining the democratic presidential ticket.  After months of speculation, Joe Biden today selected Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate.  The news drew widespread applause and cheers from many around the country, including at Harris’ alma mater Howard University.  Howard University President Dr. Wayne Frederick released the following statement.

“Today is an extraordinary moment in the history of America and of Howard University. Senator Kamala Harris’ selection as the Democratic vice presidential candidate represents a milestone opportunity for our democracy to acknowledge the leadership Black women have always exhibited, but has too often been ignored. Let’s pause and take a collective breath that has been denied to so many. We are proud to call Howard University alumna Kamala Harris a member of our HU family. As Senator Harris embarks upon this new chapter in her life, and in our country’s history, she is poised to break two glass ceilings in our society with one fell swoop of her Howard hammer! The HBCU community and I will be watching.”