Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Balloon Releases In Montgomery County, Md

Rockville, Maryland (Tuesday, February 25, 2020) – It’s become a scene often played out to remember a loved one who has passed on.  But now a Montgomery County lawmaker wants to put a ban to those balloon release ceremonies at Memorial services and birthday celebrations.

County Council Vice President Tom Hucker is introducing a measure today that he says is about protecting the environment from those who intentionally release non-biodegradable balloons into the air.

If approved, the ban would prohibit people from releasing helium-filled latex or mylar balloons into the air.  Balloons released accidentally by a child, without the permission of an adult, would not fall under the ban.  Those in violation could face a fine up to $500.

A similar measure was passed by Maryland state lawmakers last week and is now on the desk of Governor Larry Hogan.