Magic Johnson Says He Still Gets Nervous When He Sees Police

(Wednesday, September 23, 2020) – He’s a basketball legend and a multi-millionaire business owner.  But even with his iconic status and money, Magic Johnson says police still make him nervous.

Johnson spoke recently as part of a panel discussion at the virtual Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference.  Johnson opened up to California Congressmember Maxine Waters about past interactions with police.  “When I see a police car, I still get nervous, and I have to, you know, do everything the right way,” said Johnson.  Johnson is the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and a Basketball Hall of Famer and gained his fame with the Los Angeles Lakers.  “If I do get pulled over, my hands are on the steering wheel.  I’m going to abide by the commands and I’m going to try to do everything the right way.”

“Police brutality is running rampant through our country and we have to somehow bring a stop to that,” Johnson added.