Maryland State Police Warn Parents of Scam Involving Sexual Extortion of Minors

The Maryland State Police Department is reminding parents to stay vigilant of scams online involving minors.

The MSPD said in a news release on Tuesday that the department has received multiple reports of minors being contacted via social media under a guise of romantic interests.

“As the chats progress, the suspect user will request sexually illicit photographs of the minor, and might even send photographs back to the minor in return.

If a minor sends a sexually illicit photograph of themselves to the suspect account, the suspect user will proceed to demand the minor send them money, typically in the form of gift card and prepaid credit card numbers that are readily available at most stores,” the news release said.

Threats are then made to the minor that if they don’t send the money, the illicit photos will be shared online with the minors family and friends.

Parents are advised to educate their children on online safety, review online history and place computers in common areas.