Montgomery County Is Considering A Citizen Panel To Monitor Police

Leaders in Montgomery County are seriously considering a bill that has been introduced that would create a panel of citizens to oversee the police departments practices and policies.

Council member Hans Riemer is the main sponsor of the bill to create the Policing Advisory Commission. Under the measure, each council member would get to appoint a resident to the commission. In turn, they would answer to the county council.

Council member Will Jawando has sponsored his own bill to deal with police transparency and trust. His bill, however, calls for the creation of an independent investigation in matters of police shooting deaths. It follows his disturbing stop by a state trooper earlier this month.

Jawando’s Policing Advisory Commission would review the departments training and discipline policies as well as strategies that officers adhere to.

Both leaders seem to agree that their police department is good but no department is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

A public hearing on Riemer’s citizen advisory committee is set for July 9th.

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