N-word Passes Given Out At A Local School, A N.C. Substitute Teacher Is In Hot Water After Telling Students MLK Killed Himself

N-word passes given out at a school in Montgomery Co….

Several students at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland are facing disciplinary action. It follows an incident last Friday were several students were caught giving other students N-word passes. The intent was the person who received the paper pass could use the racial slur.

The incident happened during lunch time last Friday at the school. Principal Brandice Heckert was made aware of it by staffers and she took swift action. She would not state exactly how many students took part and what there punishment would be. Heckert did send out an email that stated “This behavior is disgraceful and does not reflect the values expected of Winston Churchill students”.

Churchill PTSA planned meeting on Tuesday, February 19th will now focus on bias, tolerance and racism in light of what happened last week.

A N.C. substitute teacher is in hot water for telling students MLK killed himself…

A substitute teacher from Wake County in Garner, North Carolina is in hot water for the unthinkable. The teacher has been identified as Elizabeth Temple.

According to one of the parents of the students in her elementary class Temple could not get the students to settle down. She was supposed to play a video on King’s assassination and for some reason she told the class that Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination was a complete lie.

The parent of one of the students who were African American said that the sub even went as far as to tell her son that he and his male peers clothing marked them for prison. The children were allegedly told that anyone who does not support Donald Trump that they were not real Christians.

This alleged incident happened last Friday at Rand Road Elementary School in Garner. Wake County Public School System Chief of Communications, Timothy Simmons released a statement that read in part, that the school was aware of the incident and after talking to several students and faculty they reached out to the teacher and she resigned.

DC’S call center can now track cell phone calls…

First responder’s in the District now have a new tool to help people in emergencies. The District’s 911 Call Center can now pinpoint calls made from cell phones.

The technology that allows the call center to locate calls made from cell phones is called RapidSOS. It will be a huge help in 911 dispatchers getting time sensitive help to people in need all across the city. Today, about 80% of all calls come from people using cell phones.

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