Police Investigate A Domestic Murder-Suicide In Virginia, A DC Council Member Fined Thousands For A Violation

Police investigate a domestic murder-suicide in Virginia…

Police were called to a home on Marjon Court following reports of shots fired. Once there they found a man and woman dead. They had been shot to death. Early reports indicate they were married but did not live in the home.

Investigators say the wife took their two children to a relatives home. The husband followed, the two got into a heated argument and shot her and then himself. Reportedly one of the children may have witnessed it. The victims have not been identified.

A DC Council Member fined thousands for a violation…

Ward 4 DC Council Member Brandon Todd has hit with a $4,000 fine. Campaign finance officials issued the fine after they discovered in 2018 that he used government resources to try to alter the outcome of a State Board of Education race.

Officials uncovered emails that showed Todd had created a list in part from his council office contact to send campaign literature to in support of his candidate of choice Rhonda Henderson. It was during the special election in December.

This fine follows the council voting to reprimand Council Member Jack Evans and news that Ward 8 Council Member Trayon White’s vehicle was involved in a hit and run. He says he was not driving it at the time of that accident. A friend used his vehicle without his knowledge and had come forward to take responsibility for it.

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