Police Search For Man Who Touched 4-year-old Girl

In Prince George’s County Police have released a surveillance image of a person of interest in a case of a child touched.

Investigators say on May 29th a 4-year-old little girl was lured into an apartment building laundry room in Lewisdale, Maryland. Sources say the suspect offered the toddler some gum to go with him. Once in the room he touched her inappropriately. The mother lost site of the child during that time. Another reportedly child interrupted them and the little girl ran away.

Police are hoping the release of his picture and the details of the story will help them identify the person.

The suspect is in his 30s with a thin build and short hair. He had on a baseball cap and a bright blue t-shirt and khaki pants. Anyone with information should call Prince George’s County Sexual Assault Unit at 301-772-4908.

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