Prominent Boarding School In DC May Have To Close Its Doors

The School Board at Monument Academy Public Charter School in the District is seriously looking at closing its doors. On Wednesday Charles Moore the Chair voted in favor of closing.

Officials note there has been a number of safety complaints including bullying, physical violence and even sexual assault. This year alone the school has recorded over 18-hundred complaints. Add that to that the growing number of students that are leaving the school after entering it. The Chair says they have no choice but to look at possibly shutting the facility down.

On Monday, the DC Public Charter School Board that oversee the city’s charter schools sited a number of safety concerns that had been brought to their attention. There’s even concerns that the school may not be adhering to the special education plans required by law for students. The school services about 100 students with extensive emotional and learning needs from fifth through eighth grades.

A final decision will be made on June 8th after hearing from the parents, teachers and other staff.

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