Protesters Express Cautious Optimism

#BREAKING – (Wednesday, June 3, 2020) – After days of protests around the globe, demonstrators are feeling a sense of optimism following the announcement that charges have been filed against the remaining three officers fired in the death of George Floyd.

Protesters, like Kelly Jackson from Suitland, MD., are breathing a sigh of relief while at the same time wondering if the charges will actually result in a conviction and lengthy jail time for all the officers.  Jackson and 4 of her friends have spent the last five days making daily trips downtown to raise their voices in Lafayette Park.  “We have seen officers time and time again be charged with wrongdoing and time and time again they have walked free,” said Jackson.  “I really hope and pray this time will be different.”

Minnesota’s District Attorney General Keith Ellison made the announcement this afternoon saying, the three officers have been charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.  The trio is identified as Thomas Lane, J. Kueng and Tou Thao.

Meantime, charges against the officer seen on video kneeling on the neck of Floyd has had his charges upgraded.  Derek Chauvin now faces charges of 2nd degree murder.

“His life had value, and we will seek justice,” said Ellison.  At the same time, Ellison cautioned the winning a conviction is not going to be easy adding a Minnesota police officer has only been convicted once in the state.

The attorney for the Floyd family called the charges a bittersweet moment.