Sinbad Warns ‘Be Careful What You Talk About’ While Recovering From A Stroke He Believes He Manifested Due To A Joke Over 14 Years Ago

Beloved actor and comedian Sinbad, known for his clean comedy, is recovering from a stroke he believes manifested due to a joke he made over 14 years ago. 

During a recent appearance at the Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival, he warned about the power of words and how they can manifest into reality. 

In the part of the joke that he believes plagued him years later, Sinbad says, “You want a woman to understand the signs of stroke. That’s what I’m looking for … a woman that got my medication in her purse.”

Sinbad, joined by his family, expressed gratitude for being able to walk again after the stroke affected his left side. Despite the challenges, he remains positive and appreciative of the support he has received. 

The comedy community has rallied around Sinbad, with stars performing at a benefit show in his honor to support the Sinbad Special Needs Trust.