Some Md Schools Will Start Classes Before Labor Day

The discussion over when classes should start either before or after Labor Day in Maryland continues.

In 2016, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order that all schools open up after the Labor Day holiday. He said in doing so it would benefit families and businesses. A new law, however, has overturned that order and now the decision is back in the hands of area school systems.

This week the Montgomery County School Board voted to start classes on August 31st. In fact, Queen Anne did the same. In Howard County school will be on August 25th.

On December 12, the Prince George’s County School Board will vote on two proposed dates both of which are before the holiday, which next year is later than usual it’s September 7th.

From the very beginning, school leaders said the tight guidelines of starting after Labor Day and ending by June 15 put a strain on them. The concern was over the required hours of instruction when you add in bad weather closings, Spring break and other times off during the year.

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