Survey About Reproductive Rights On Birth Control Day

Poll Shows Most Americans Overwhelmingly Support Reproductive Health Options

(Washington, DC) — Despite recent legislative attacks on abortion, a new survey shows that 86-percent of Americans overwhelmingly support a wide range of reproductive services, including abortion. Ginny Ehrlich of the non-profit group Power To Decide says the poll shows that holds true across political lines. She also says the closing of abortion clinics, particularly in southern states, puts low-income women at a particular disadvantage with many having to decide whether to drive hundreds of miles to end an unwanted pregnancy. Ehrlich says since 1972, when the U.S. Supreme Court made birth control legal for all women, the number of women who’ve achieved at least a bachelor’s degree has quadrupled and there’s been a 30-percent wage increase for women. The survey is being released in conjunction with Thanks, Birth Control Day which is today.