Career and Job Resources For Those 50 or Older

AARP is hosting an online career expo for older workers

Job loss due to the pandemic has affected millions.  The impact has been especially challenging for older workers who may find it more difficult to rebound finding a new job.  This morning my guest is with AARP and she’s providing some tips and has details about an upcoming Online Career Expo.  My guest is Susan Weinstock – AARP’s Vice-President of Financial Resilience

On average, a third of the workforce is age 50 or older, but once displaced, older workers take twice as long to find a new job as younger workers. Long-term unemployment is especially concerning now: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half (45.6%) of jobseekers 55-plus have been looking for a job for six months or longer.  For more information go here:       or  here: 

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