Showing Love To Black Fathers for Father’s Day

The Black Fathers Matters Project is asking for a show of love and support for Black Fathers this Sunday

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and I have details about what a group of Black Fathers is doing to help showcase the value of Black dads.  It’s called the Black Fathers Matters Project.  My guest is  Chuck Hicks

DC BLACK FATHERS MATTERS PROJECT is asking DC residents to show their solidarity by displaying a black balloon or a black ribbon in front of their home, from their balcony, on a tree, on their car or any visible location.  The committee is also asking residents to create banners, yards signs or other displays to show support for BLACK FATHERS MATTER AND BLACK LIVES MATTER and display them as early as Sunday, June 14. Balloons and ribbons should be displayed on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21.    (202) 421-8608 or



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