Violence Is Not Normal

The “Violence is not Normal” town hall meeting it this Saturday, October 19th.


We hear and see the horror stories almost daily.  But have we become immune to the violence and do we now accept it as a part of our daily lives?  There’s a town hall meeting coming up this weekend to address the issue.  It’s called  “Violence Is Not Normal” and it’s hosted by the “Positive Change Foundation” along with “Black Women for Positive Change.”  My guest is Dawn Williams, Esq. – Chair of the Violence Is Not Normal Town Hall Meeting

The Positive Change Foundation along with the Black Women for Positive Change is hosting a “Violence is Not Normal” Town Hall Meeting October 19thfrom 3:00 – 6:00pm on the campus of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in SE.  The town hall will be  moderated by WHUR’s very own Harold Fisher – host of the nightly News feature “The Daily Drum.” More information here:

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