Insight Making The Best Financial Decisions For Your Family

Tonight’s guest Ibijoke Akinbowale-Director with NCRC Financial Equality Center and Housing Counseling Network and Muriel Garr with Beyong Bling HUR Voicess with Sirius XM Ch. 141 offering financial advice in the midst of the government shutdown.

Have you been under a lot financial stress? The government shutdown has been very frustrating to so many people who have been impacted. Our guest tonight, will offer some financial counseling. Many families are concerned about how to make ends meet. Tonight, we’re talking about financial tips. Joining us tonight…


Guest: Muriel Garr-Co-Host of Beyond the Bling on HUR Voices Sirius XM Ch. 141



Guest: Ibijoke (E-BE-JOE-KAY) Akinbowale (A-KIN-BOW-WALL-EE) –Director of NCRC Financial Equality Center and Housing Counseling Network


Housing Counseling for Individuals Affected by the Government Shutdown.

NCRC’s Financial Equality Center(FEC) is a HUD certified Housing Counseling agency in the District of Columbia. Through a staff of highly trained Mortgage Advisors, the department provides housing counseling and coaching for individuals and families seeking to obtain, retain and sustain the American Dream of homeownership and financial resiliency.

Join us on Friday, January 18, 2019 from 10am to 1pm.

727 15th St. NW (8th Floor Conference Room) ,Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 1-800-475-NCRC

Breakfast will be provided, and gift cards will be provided to all individuals who complete an intake packet.

FEC will assist homeowners who have fallen behind or are in danger of falling behind on their mortgage payments due to the government shutdown or other financial hardships.  Housing Counselors can assist homeowners with addressing delinquencies and defaults with.

We will also discuss financial planning and debt management.  This event is open to federal government employees and contractors