Mommy Burnout and Self-Care

Mothers discuss “Mommy Burnout” and have to best to navigate it with self-care

We all know there’s something very special about a mother’s relationship with her children.  The nurturing, the scheduling, the traveling and all kinds of doting and loving.  But sometimes moms are doing so much.  They burnout and don’t take care of themselves.  We talk about mommy burnout and what mothers can do to avoid it.


Counseling for “Mommy Burnout”

Tiffanye Paige, Author, Speaker

Erica St. Bernard, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

Tolleah Price, Wife, Mother of two sons, Executive Producer, “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien”

Tiffanye Paige, Mother, Author, Motivational Speaker, “Momager”