National Teacher’s Appreciation Week…

We hear from educators on the first day of National Teachers Appreciation Week.

What comes with Teacher Appreciation Week for educators is often discounts at stores, free dinners, coffee, donuts and a multitude of gifts and surprises from students and parents.  But during all other weeks throughout the school year, teachers are also dealing with the challenges of a lack of resources, low pay and inconsistent support from school administrators.  Tonight, we hear from teachers about the work that they do and the support that they need to be their best.



Giani Clarkson – Teacher, Paul Charter School, Washington, DC

Paul Charter School Events

Children’s Hospital Mobile Station

Time: 10-4pm


Address: 5800 Street NW

Washington DC 20011

Health & Wellness Fair

Date: May 21st

Time: 12-3pm

Free Admission:

Address: 5800 Street NW

Washington DC 20011

Sheila Carr-Spence – 40 years as a Mathematics Teacher