Should Rayful Edmond Be Released From Prison

Has Rayful Edmond redeemed himself by cooperating with federal authorities?

He was notorious!  Rayful Edmond.  The convicted drug kingpin during DC’s murder capital of  America days.  Now federal prosecutors say because of Edmond’s cooperation with authorities… his life sentence should be reduced.  Earlier this year, a motion for early release was filed by the  U.S. Attorney in DC.  As we look at this development… we ask if redemption is enough?  Should Rayful Edmond be released or remain behind bars?

 Gavanta Smith, Author, “Get Yourself Together First: Events From The Diary Of A Child Of A Crack Addict”

                                    Keith Alexander, Reporter, The Washington Post

Kara Gotsch, Director, Strategic Initiative, The Sentencing Project

                                    James Zeigler, Defense Attorney