Two Area Police Officers Charged With The Unthinkable

First, a former part-time Fairmount Heights Police officer Martique Vanderpool has been charged with rape. Vanderpool is accused of stopping a woman for a traffic violation and then taking her to the Fairmount Heights Police Station. Once there he allegedly told her he would release her if she had sex with him.

Fairmount Heights Police Chief Stephen Watkins says if she was placed under arrest she should not have been taken to their police station. Watkins says that not protocol they don’t have a holding facility. She should have been taken to the nearest processing center which would either be Upper Marlboro or Hyattsville.

In Prince George’s County, Detective Sharrod Wiggins has been indicted for assault and a lewd act. The decision from a grand jury follows claims that he masturbated in public at an LA Fitness in Hyattsville.

According to Prince George’s County States Attorney Aisha Braveboy, the incident happened on April 26th. Wiggins was not on duty at the time of the incident in the men’s restroom.

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