Growing Vaping and E-Cigarette Controversy

State and local governments move to ban vaping and e-cigarettes.

The move to ban vaping and the sale of some e-cigarette products is moving incredibly fast.  CNN and CBS have dropped all e-cigarette advertising.  Michigan followed New York’s lead in banning flavored products.  Locally, the Montgomery County Council introduced a bill to ban vaping sales within 1/2 mile of middle and high schools.  In The District of Columbia… two bills have been introduced to curb the sales and flavored e-cigarettes.  All of this coming after seven, vaping related deaths this year.   Several over the past month.


Dr. Carla Williams, Interim Director, Howard University Cancer Center


Gregory Conley, President, The American Vaping Association


Dr. Roquell Wyche, Cardiologist, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute, Board President, Greater Washington Region American Heart Association