Zebras Roaming Free In PG Co. Maryland

(Wednesday, September 8, 2021) – Lions, tigers, bears.  Nope.  This time, Zebras.  They are apparently roaming free in Prince George’s County, Maryland and many residents are stunned to see them.

The zebras, as many as 6, escaped from a private farm last week at the corner of Bellefield and Duley Station Roads in Upper Marlboro.  According to numerous reports, the striped animals are legally owned.  Prince George’s County Animal Control is said to be setting up a feeding station in an attempt to corral the zebras safely.

Layla Curling and her mother Alexis Reed Curling told NBC4 they saw three of the zebras in their backyard in Upper Marlboro.  “I called 311 and she thought I was crazy.  Ma’am, I am not drinking.  I have Zebras in my backyard walking on the train tracks,” Reed Curling told NBC4.

Several additional sightings have been reported today in Upper Marlboro.  So far the animals appear to be just roaming around and enjoying their freedom in Prince George’s County.