Drug-Laced Edibles, Your Children and School

There have been two separate incidents at Prince George’s County schools where children ate drug-laced snacks and candy and got sick.  A 17-year-old at Parkdale High School ate a brownie laced with Adderall, crystal meth and other drugs.  An 11-year-old girl from James Madison Middle School ate marijuana-laced candy.  In both cases the edibles were given to them by other students.  County school officials sent an email to parents asking them to speak with their children about accepting prohibited items.  They also warned students to not bring them to school.  This is not the only place this is happening.  There are incidents nationwide and hospitals reporting a rise in drug cases from children consuming edibles and getting sick. What can parents do about this to keep their children safe?

Carol Muleta, Parenting Strategist

Dr. Ashley Elliott, Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Educator, Advocate