THE JOURNEY: “Lauren Bush and Trisha Lal – Howard University Student Writers”


In 2020, the battle against the coronavirus pandemic coincided with a reckoning of systemic racism in our country.  The cries of racial injustice took hold of our society, in part, because there was data to validate them. The fight against systemic racism leans on research to identify the problems and propose forward-thinking solutions, just as our efforts to end the pandemic depended on the medical research establishment and the individual researchers.  As we work to correct health care disparities, economic inequality and more, research is an essential tool that we must continue to leverage and sharpen. Howard University students, alumni and all play an important role in bettering our society by conducting research needed to diagnose problems and prescribe much-needed remedies. On today’s episode of “The Journey,” President Frederick talks with Lauren Bush, editor-in-chief of the Howard University Undergraduate Research Journal and Trisha Lal, co-founder of Howard University College of Medicine Research Digest.

Air Date: March 14, 2021