5G and Communities of Color, What You Need to Know

Will communities of color be left behind as the 5G network becomes a reality?

5G… It’s next big thing when it comes to smartphone innovation.  But why is it so big?  Why is the United States in scrappy competition with other countries to control it?  What about communities of color and under-served communities?  Will they be able to take advantage of it or even afford it?  Those questions and more will be addressed during a discussion in southeast DC.


5G & COMMUNITIES OF COLOR: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW                Thursday, June 13th 6:00 -8:00 pm                                                                           THE ARC BLACK BOX THEATER                                                                              1901 MISSISSIPPI AVENUE, SE, WASHINGTON DC 20020

Denise Rolark-Barnes, Publisher, The Washington Informer

Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee, Brookings Institution Fellow, Center for Technology Innovation