Preparing The Next Generation of Doctors

Young Doctors DC is recruiting young men who have an interest in becoming doctors or a career in the medical field.

Steering males to a career in the medical field.  That’s the mission of my guest this evening.  He is the Director and Co-Founder of an organization called Young Doctors DC and they are recruiting young men for their program.

My guest is Dr. Malcolm Woodland – Director and Co-Founder of Young Doctors DC

Young Doctors DC (YDDC) is a ​multi-generational mentoring, education, and pipeline to health careers​ program for high school boys in Southeast Washington, DC. Through intensive summer programs and Saturday academies at Howard University, YDDC participants are trained in preventive medicine, mental health, and health issues in underserved communities. Selected youth join YDDC during their freshmen year of high school and remain in the program until graduation.  For more information go here:

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