Del. Jay Walker Talks About His New Financial Literacy Bill for Students

Delegate Jay Walker joined me this morning to talk the passage of his financial education bill for students in Prince George’s County. He said it’s a start and there are still a lot of additional things that he wants to add to the program. Right now it is not required throughout the county or states. The program that will deal with compound interest, CD’s, credit card and loan debt will be offered at a few schools in the county.

Delegate Walker said it took him almost 8 years to get the bill through both the state House and Senate. He said if you want your child’s school to offer it you need to contact your school board and Senator and let them know. Montgomery and Howard County School have it as a requirement for students to graduate. Prince George’s County does not but he is working on that changing. His long term goal is that all schools in the state make that a requirement.

The Synopsis of HB371 (Financial Literacy)
Requiring the State Board of Education to develop curriculum content for a half-semester-long course in financial literacy; requiring each county board of education to implement the financial literacy curriculum content developed by the State Board in certain high schools; and requiring students to complete a certain course in order to graduate from high school.

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