Great Quarantine Date Ideas

Single folks out there, I have a question for you — “How’s your dating life going amid the pandemic?” If you are like me then I’m pretty sure it’s lukewarm at best. But don’t get yourself in a state of depression. Here are some great ideas that you can do for some socially distancing dating this summer!

Summer Socially Distancing Ideas

1. Take a hike on some new trails – Hit up one of your state parks and hit the trails.

2. Sightseeing/People Watching – Although some things may not be open fully for you to enjoy there are some outdoor areas that are and will give you the chance to see your city in a new light. Hit up your local park with your date and be sure to sit 6ft away from one another on a bench and chat it up while people watching.

3. Have a picnic! – That’s right get a basket and fill it up with some light finger foods, a nice bottle of wine or sparkling water, a blanket, bug spray and a charged up portable speaker for some music. You can space yourself out and enjoy your date and some conversation.

4. Star Gazing – It may sound cheesy but it’s actually cool and makes for a great date. After your picnic from above kick it a little longer and watch the sunset and gaze at the stars. You will need a lot of bug spray at this point!

I hope these small but fun activities help you on your quest for love in these “new normal” dating days.

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