A Conversation About Appreciating Men and Women In The Military..

You have seen these servicemen and women in uniform. They’re often transitioned from city to city or moved to different countries for various assignments. They work hard to provide for there families. We’re talking about the men and women in the military. May is Military Appreciation Month, we’re taking a moment to honor and appreciate their service.


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Military Appreciation Month is a time for civilians and servicemembers alike to show appreciation for those individuals who have served their country by joining the military. While there are numerous ways to support servicemembers and veterans in general, you may be a little stuck in coming up with ideas for showing support during this month in particular. Not to worry! We’ve compiled some of the best ways to participate during National Military Appreciation Month.

Call 1-800-273-8255

Dr. Harry Marshall-Chief of General Surgery & Director of Surgical Critical Care with Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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Facebook: @washingtondcvamc

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Nichole King Campbell-Veteran of the U.S. Air Force