Thanks DMV! Allison & Marc’s Happy Hour Was LIT!

Thank you DMV for showing us so much LOVE last night at Sax Dinner Theater and Lounge! The energy was on ten. The entertainment was off the hook. The ambiance was incredible and the LOVE was real.

More importantly, THANK YOU for all the love and support over the past year. We were able to finally put faces to the names and voices over the phone. We enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did too. Shoutout to our Afternoon Show winners who received the full VIP treatment.

Thanks to our awesome producers Coka-Lani and Sean G, and our incredible WHUR family for holdin’ it down.  Thanks Sax Dinner Theater & Lounge for the awesome entertainment, delicious food and great staff. We can’t wait it do it again.

And DMV, we can’t wait to celebrate more years to come. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We cannot say it enough.