Anthony Anderson To Pay Ex-Wife At Least $20k A Month In Spousal Support

According to their divorce judgment, Anthony Anderson will pay $20,000 monthly to his ex-wife, Alvina Stewart.

The two were married in 1999, Stewart filed for divorce originally in 2015 but dropped it close to when Anderson got his lead role as Andre in Black-ish. She recently filed again last year.

Looks like Anderson might pay more based on his career. Per TMZ, he will pay $20k initially, with potential increases if his annual earnings exceed $2 million; in that case, he’ll pay 20 percent more of his income. Documents state Anthony keeps their property in Encino, CA, and a 2004 Land Rover.

She gets the 2022 Mazda and their place in Houston. They have a cemetery plot at Inglewood Park Cemetery that they’ll sell and split the proceeds. The documents include that Alvina has a registered Glock-19 in her name, but it’s with Anthony. He must return it to law enforcement in 30 days.