Beyoncé’s IRS Battle Continues, Ordered To Pay $2.7M Plus Interest

Beyoncé has been named as having the highest-grossing female tour of all time, and now the IRS wants their cut. 

According to OK! Magazine, the IRS stands by the initial assessment of the Queen’s tax bill and vows that no errors were made. The IRS wants $805,850 in taxes and $161,170 in penalties for 2018, and $1,442,747 in taxes and $288,549.40 in penalties for 2019.

The IRS will add compounded interest to Beyoncé’s tax bill until it’s paid in full. Beyoncé filed a redetermination petition against the IRS in April. She claimed the IRS made errors by disallowing various deductions, including taxes, depreciation, management fees, utilities, etc.

The singer will not have to pay anything until the final judgment from the federal court is given, as she plans to continue contesting the ruling.  

Mrs.Carter isn’t the first to deal with the IRS. Neyo, Lil Kim, Nas, and Wesley Snipes are just a few to be named that have been targets of the IRS.