Blair Underwood Marries Longtime Friend Josie Hart

Blair Underwood and Josie Hart recently got married in a very intimate wedding that Blair had his hand in. Blair said about the planning, “I’ve been very involved. I’m a Virgo and a bit of a perfectionist so I like to make sure details are taken care of.”

The guest list was no more than 100 people, and the bride’s signature drink, Prosecco with a splash of grenadine, was served during the cocktail reception along with grilled bacon-wrapped plantains, coconut-breaded shrimp, and Dominican ceviche.

Underwood said, “The first time I saw her in the dress, she looked like a princess. She was so beautiful. The deep emotions that were displayed during the ceremony, the lightness and fun of the reception, it all felt humbling because it all just fell into place. It was amazing.”

Hart added, “It was surreal and magical. His vows, to hear him say the words he said to me for our forever was incredible. Between our children and all of them giving toasts, the fireworks right after our first dance, the entire day was just beyond my expectations.”