Brandy & Ray J’s Mom Was Hospitalized Following Home IV Treatment

A new report says Brandy Norwood and Ray J‘s mother needed medical attention. 

Sonja Norwood reportedly had an emergency, according to TMZ; after an in-home IV, she felt lightheaded and had fast breathing. Ray J and family members called an ambulance after the reaction.

Ms. Norwood has been released from the hospital; medical personnel said Sonja Norwood was “okay” after entering the hospital.

The IV Therapy consisted of vitamins B and C, magnesium, and calcium. This latest trend is supposed to be an immune booster, but in 2018, Kendell Jenner reacted similarly to the similar IV therapy. Using the old-fashioned daily vitamin with these side effects may be best.

Sonja Norwood has been instrumental in her children’s careers, acting as stage mom to Brandy at the beginning of her singing career.