Timbaland Apologizes For ‘Muzzle’ Comments Made About Britney Spears

When the subject of Britney Spears‘ best-selling biography “The Women In Me” came up, Timbaland gladly defended Justin Timberlake—but his comments have led Britney’s ardent supporters to declare war on him.

The subtle comment Tim made during his live interview with 9th Wonder on October 29 at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts was discovered by fans on Tuesday. Timbaland said in response to Britney’s confession of being pregnant while dating the “Cry Me A River” singer and later having an abortion, “He should have put a muzzle on that girl.”

Additionally, he stated that he doesn’t hold it against Britney for confessing to all these juicy details because going viral is the goal in the social media-driven show business of today. He adds, “I’ve got to do something to keep the people’s attention.”

Many of Britney’s fans demanded Timbaland apologize to Britney Spears due to the distastefulness of the comment.