Cicadas Even Take On President Biden

Washington, D.C. (Thursday, June 10, 2021) – Just about everyone has had to duck, dodge, swat, and even run in recent weeks from the pesky Cicadas.  President Joe Biden is no exception.  A Brood X Cicada landed on the president’s shirt collar Wednesday as he was preparing to board a flight to Europe from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

“Watch out for the cicadas.  I just got one, it got me,” Biden said to reporters on the tarmac.  Not even Biden’s team of secret service agents could guard him from one of the billions of cicadas.

On Tuesday, the insects caused the grounding of the airplane set to carry the White House press corps on their scheduled trip to Europe.

All across the DMV you will see people running, diving, dodging, and doing all kinds of moves to get beyond the bugs that invade above ground every 17 years.  Experts say they do not bite or sting and are essentially harmless.  But for some that knowledge is no help in quelling their fear of the beady eyed insects.