COVID-19 Relief For DC Renters And Landlords

Nine months after the pandemic shutdown, millions of americans are still struggling with unemployment and all of the things that come with that.  In DC… not having a job means rents aren’t getting paid. That’s also puts landlords in a bind. There has been millions of dollars in aid available in the district for months.  It’s still available now. But it won’t be for long.  If you’re a landlord or a renter who has applied for assistance, how might you receive?  What’s the process and what other help might there be available to DCresidents needing financial support?


DC COVID Landlord & Rental Assistance

DC COVID Bridge Fund Business Assistance

Housing Counseline Services, Inc. 202-667-7339

Greater Washington Urban Leauge 202-524-8175

John Falcicchio, DC Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development