Douglas MacArthur 5th Graders Explain How Kindness Really Works

Alexandria, Virginia (July 22, 2019) – If you’re looking to see what kindness really looks like, you don’t have to go far from Douglas MacArthur Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.  Students at the school say kindness comes easy to them.

“If someone drops something, you have to help them to pick it up.  That’s how you show kindness,’  said 10-year-old Andre’.  He was one of nearly 90 students at the school who submitted a video to WHUR showing how his class goes about their way daily rendering acts of kindness.

Douglas MacArthur is the 3rd and final school to win the WHUR Kings Dominion Kindness Challenge.  Because of their good deeds, students receive a free trip to Kings Dominion, along with fast track passes where they don’t have to stand in any lines.  Plus they get a free lunch and a host of other WHUR goodies.   WHUR’s Digital Reporter Candice Adkins visited the school last month to get the winners’ reaction.