I then took on the roll of becoming an entrepreneur by building my own studio with my bare hands from the ground up. Now 3 years later, that 7 year old boy from Landover, MD is in high demand for his services of 1 on 1 personal training and group classes. I teach a wide variety of High Intense classes for burning calories, toning fat, building cardio endurance and strengthening the heart.

A personal trainer in the DMV (Landover, MD) by the name of @prfitnesscamp has gone viral for blasting his client on social media because she posted this cheeseburger!!! 🍔 He also called her, “Biggie” and refers to clients as “Big Joints” LOL. He says it’s a B-More thing, Nina says it just ain’t right. 😂😂😂 What do you say? You can see the original post on his page… homie went awwwwffff. 😩

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