Helping Returning Citizens Get Back On Their Feet

Good News this morning for Returning Citizens.  Martha’s Table has a new partnership with the District to help you get some of the essential services needed to get back on your feet. My guests this morning are Brian Ferguson – DC Mayor’s Office on Returning Citizens Affairs and Tony Washington- Assistant Director of Retail Operations for Martha’s Table

Martha’s Table will offer workforce attire through Martha’s Table Outfitters, a no-cost community boutique store supporting families with essential baby items, children’s clothing, and business clothing for adults. MORCA returning citizens will receive a free membership to Martha’s Table Outfitters, which provides each individual with a membership card and access to $40 store credit reloaded every month. Individuals are invited to shop for high quality, new and gently used suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, and shoes.  For more information go here: or here:

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