It’s The Last Campaign Push, President Obama Shoots His Shot! “That’s What I Do”

The moment even caught the attention of NBA superstar Lebron James, who tweeted on Saturday: “Now you just showing out now my friend!! That’s what you do huh?? Ok ok I see. All cash!”

Today on the Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown we’re talking Congress Woman Maxine Waters and she has something to say to the black men who support Trump. Also Our forever President Barak Obama nails a flawless 3 point shot right before the last campaign push for Joe Biden. If you missed it, check out the Audio below to hear what @FrankSki and @PENinaBrown had to say! 

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  • Maxine Waters Says Black Men Who Vote For Trump “Will Go Down In History As Having Done The Most Despicable Thing”, click for more details
  • Barack Obama nailing flawless three-pointer as he joins Joe Biden on last campaign push before election, click for more details

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