{UPDATE} Jamie Foxx Recovering From Medical Issue

 Jamie Foxx is recovering after suffering an undisclosed “medical complication” Tuesday. 

ORIGINAL (April 13th)

 Jamie Foxx is recovering after suffering an undisclosed “medical complication” Tuesday.

The star’s daughter Corinne Foxx posted the news on social media Wednesday night writing, “We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday.” She did not discuss the nature of the condition but she said he received “great care” after quick action was taken and that, “he is already on his way to recovery.”

Recently, Foxx was seen photographed with actress Cameron Diaz on the set of their upcoming movie Back In Action. Diaz who signed off and retired from acting was encouraged to come back and join Foxx back on the screen since their co-starring roles in the hit movie Annie. “We just begged and pleased on my knees, like, ‘Just give the people one more again,'” he said.

As for the news on Jamie Foxx, Corinne mentions, “We know how beloved he is and appreciates your prayers. The family asks for privacy at this time.”

UPDATE (April 17th)

Jamie Foxx is steadily improving.  The actor suffered a health emergency last week and although details have not been disclosed, People magazine says the issue was severe enough for the set of his current movie, “Back in Action” to be shut down Wednesday.

Filming resumed on Thursday, using a stand-in for the actor.  People also revealed that extras were informed that a scene to be filmed on Sunday would be canceled because of “changes in production.”

There is currently much uncertainty regarding the production of “Back in Action,” which stars Cameron Diaz, who was persuaded out of her semi-retirement by Foxx.

UPDATE (April 25th )

Nick Cannon says Jamie Foxx is awake and alert. In a new interview, Cannon gave a health update on Foxx, who is recovering from a medical complication.

The TV host did not offer any details about the ailment but said, “Man, I’m praying. I literally have been saying prayers out loud. Words of affirmation for my big brother. I know he’s doing so much better, because I’m actually about to do something special for him and doing him a favor. I can’t really say what it is, but it’ll be out there soon.”

Cannon added, “He’s awake. They say he’s alert, so we love it. That’s family right there.”