Jay-Z Slams The Grammys For Never Awarding Beyoncé Album of the Year: ‘When I Get Nervous, I Tell the Truth’

Jay-Z used his acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards to criticize the Recording Academy for flaws in their decision-making process.

He pointed out that his wife, Beyoncé, who has the most Grammy wins of any artist, has never won Album of the Year. “I don’t want to embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than anyone, and never won album of the year,” referring to the 32 time Grammy winner.

He called on the Academy to “get it right” and acknowledged that music is subjective, but some decisions don’t make sense even by their own metrics.

Jay added, “When I get nervous, I tell the truth.” Bey has five Album of the Year nominations, most recently for Renaissance in 2023. Jay noted that it’s important in life to keep “showing up until they give you what you deserve.”

Jay-Z advised worthy artists to keep showing up and striving for greatness.