Kamala Harris Sets Internet On Fire For Telling AAPI Crowd: “Sometimes…You Need To Kick That F**king Door Down”

Vice President Kamala Harris sparked controversy and praise for her colorful advice to Asian Americans, urging them to “kick that f**king door down” when faced with obstacles.

Her remarks at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies event received cheers and online support, with some criticizing her language.

Harris, known for her straightforward approach, continues to inspire and mobilize communities as she and President Biden gear up for reelection.

Despite the conservative backlash, Harris’s message resonated with many, highlighting her determination and resilience in breaking barriers.

This comes shortly after Harris prepares for this summer’s invite to the vice presidential debate hosted by CBS. However, the Trump campaign has not responded to the invitation, no surprise since Trump has yet to choose a vice presidential running mate.

The move comes just one day after Trump and President Biden agreed to a pair of debates, July 27th on CNN and Sept. 10th on ABC