Lauren London Given $5 Million From Nipsey Hussle’s Estate

After four years since the tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle, it been reported that, Lauren London, in the interest of their son, will receive over $5 million and 50% of The Marathon Clothing line from Nipsey Hussle‘s estate, which is being controlled by his brother.

The mother of Nipsey Hussle’s 7-year-old kid, Kross, is supposedly going to get half of the remaining sum left in Nip’s many bank accounts. The other half will go to his other child, Emani.

Along with getting funding from Nipsey Hussle’s estate, Blacc Sam, Nipsey’s brother, disclosed in March that Puma continues to contribute funds to a trust fund designated for the rapper’s offspring.

March 31, 2019 Nipsey was murdered in front of his South Los Angeles location of The Marathon Clothing Store, but Eric Holder Jr. Since then Holder was found guilty in July 2022 and sentenced February 2023 to 60 years in prison.