Lenny Kravitz Regrets Some Fashion Choice

Lenny Kravitz regrets some of his old outfits. In a new interview with Highsnobiety, the 59-year-old rocker, who is known for his eccentric fashion choices, was asked if he ever regretted any of his styles.

Kravitz said, “It happens all the time. But who cares? You’re not going to grow if everything’s perfect all the time.”

Kravitz previously said that he credits the women in his life for influencing his unique style, including his grandmother, mother, the late actress Roxie Roker, aunts, and even some exes, like the actress ex-wife Lisa Bonet who he says inspired him to get a nose piercing.

The American Woman singer mentioned, “My friends were like, ‘Your mom’s going to freak.’ We were all nervous. She looked me up and down and said, ‘If you’re gonna wear that skirt, you got to change them shoes.”

Kravitz added, “One thing about my mother, she never judged anybody. She just loved.”